3 Nature books you must have in your library


There are three beautiful books that I would recommend to anyone that has a love of nature.

The thing is they’re not conventional, and so I hope you give them a chance to bring some amazing light into your life.

The first one is “The Tracker “ by Tom Brown Jr. This book is the one that began my spiritual journey and has shown me the value of the natural world in my life. Trained by an Apache elder named Stalking Wolf Tom’s book is his biography of an extraordinarily skilled survivalist who transcends the physical skills and opens the door to spiritual awakening.

The training that Tom received wasn’t just focused on traps and hunting but also on the sacred skills that bring you closer to nature.  It’s a fun adventure into the woods with a twist.

“What the Robin Knows” by Jon Young dives deep into the world of the winged.

It’s a book with a DVD you may purchase separately.  This book is not about bird calls but bird behavior and communication.  What do birds say to each other?  What do they tell us? Is it worth being immersed in this spellbinding tweet fest?  I learned a lot from Jon Young’s portrait of bird speak.

“The Journal of Henry David Thoreau 1837-1861” Thoreau is a legend in the world of naturalist after all he began a movement that still thrives in this country today.

He was a gentleman of his time interested in science and literature traipsing through the woods gathering specimens and tucking them into his stove top hat. He also had poetry in his heart and a love for justice.

In his Journal we are treated to his poetic and scientific mind with the turn of each page.

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