What Can We Learn from the Bushmen?

The “horse girl” with an interdimensional understanding of horses that includes storytelling, information gathering, and feeling knows how we can learn and relate to each other. Can the Bushmen of Africa help us remember how to connect with the earth and each other? Can we tell a new story by using them as a role models? The answer is yes. Jon Young tells us how.

Walking in the Woods: Slow Down and Relax

Stalking and fox walking are two ways to walk in the woods to better connect with nature. It’s precise soothing and relaxing all at once. Tom Brown III (of Sigma 3 Survival School) is the son of Tom Brown Jr. the famous survivalist, author, and teacher who runs The Tracker School. He is your teacher in this video, lucky you. If you’d like to come closer to the natural world, it’s important to shift your thinking and let your body do the work. Your body remembers the old ways and can take you on great adventures, but a good teacher can’t hurt. Enjoy the video and practice your stalking it’s a great way to slow down and relax.







What’s a Shaman?

 Recently at a dinner party, someone asked me what’s a shaman? What a complicated question and one I could only answer by opening my heart to my experience but first a little history then some personal experiences.

The Shaman was born from observing nature, developing survival skills, and the people’s great need to flourish. In every land, shamans work to keep the people alive and healthy. Shamans are a necessity of traditional cultures even today. In our modern world, they are bringing their tried and true skills honed over thousands of years, to the communities in which they live.

Shamanism is not a religion but the root of religions like Buddhism and Christianity. The role of the shaman in ancient society was one of healer, psychologist, sociologist, and priest. Traditional shamans train for many years beginning their schooling in their youth. They learn to be a herbalist, work with energy, and travel in the spirit world. They’re survivalist that know the land and all that it has to share with us.

The shaman lives in two worlds, the physical world of the flesh and the spiritual world. She travels between these two worlds to bring information and energy to her clients. She journeys awakens visions in others, shifts and balances life. These healings occur during ceremonies or private sessions.

Today’s Shaman has the same challenges, to keep the people alive and well. We as a modern society are in need of healing that encompasses not just our physical but spiritual lives. So it’s no surprise that mothers, fathers, cancer patients, those with heart disease and chronic illnesses are reaching out to shamans for help.

Shamans today live among us in schools, universities, grocery stores, and auto repair shops lending a hand when needed and they also have offices, spas, and centers where they work with clients on a one on one basis. A shaman hears the call of spirit then trains to sharpen the skills needed to help her fellow man/woman. It was this way that I heard the call to become a shaman.

Tree Benefits Podcast 001


The value of trees is remarkable and leaves me stunned in this podcast all about the benefit of trees.

“We find that having ten more trees in a city block, on average, improves health perception in ways comparable to an increase in annual personal income of $10,000 and moving to a neighborhood with $10,000 higher median income or being seven years younger.”



AMW The Benefit of Trees Podcast 001

“The findings suggest therapeutic benefits for direct capacity attention from an early intervention aimed at restoring attention in women with newly diagnosed breast cancer.”



Tree Friendly Organizations

National Arbor Day Foundation

The National Arbor Day Foundation’s mission is to help promote tree care and conservation and to educate people on tree issues in the USA. To do so, they have developed nationally recognized programs like Rain Forest Rescue, Trees for America, and the Arbor Day Farm. Find tips on planting and caring for trees, educational tools for teachers and kids, and conference and workshop announcements.

National Alliance for Community Trees

Through collaborative endeavors of a spirited membership, ACT is a vigilant advocate for local communities, states, and the nation creating a positive, action-oriented presence for the member groups. Membership will have grown to include virtually every tree group in the country as a result of substantive benefits and services that strengthen individual member groups and their leaders. 

Thanks to http://spiritoftrees.org/organizations for their list of tree organizations.


Why City Parks Are Good for Your Health

Experiencing the relaxation and joy of my local park and inviting you to the Tampa Nature Therapy Meetup. The crows in the background are the symphony that accompanies this talk on grounding in nature. Grounding is a way to connect to the earth and balance with her help. Being in nature helps your reset as you can see I do in this clip. Visit https://www.meetup.com/Tampa-Nature-Therapy-Meetup/ to join my nature healing walks.

How to Stay Balanced During These and Other Difficult Times

This is an excerpt from our November Newsletter to help those that are feeling out of balance from the results of the presidential election. It’s a short talk on grounding and keeping balanced in these and other difficult times.


  • Grounding defined
  • The benefits of grounding
  • How to use it in your life
  • Tips for grounding



Mining Your Mind’s Potential: Brain Balancing and Your Primitive Mind


Relax and balance, connect and harmonize the hemispheres of your brain. You’ll be able to focus easier, deeply relax, and enjoy.

Many of the benefits of brain balancing are related to those of meditation. For example, you feel relaxed yet alert. Your thoughts are clear, and your concentration begins to increase and lengthen.

You’ll have the opportunity to use this exercise, which requires you to lay on a mat, floor, or bed. Then with three hand positions and the use of sacred geometry, you’ll begin to connect your brain releasing a tremendous capacity for clear thought and relaxation.

Register by calling Sweetwater Organic Community Farm @ 813-887-4066

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Greenbelt History and City Trails

High Rock and the Greenbelt: The Making of New York City’s Largest Park

In 1976, the influential journalist and “National Geographic” editor John G. Mitchell published a book in the hopes of saving a precious part of Staten Island, where he and his family had lived for many years. The book, “High Rock: A Natural and Unnatural History,” helped to save a beloved tract of land a Girl Scout camp known as High Rock from becoming the roadbed for a m…more 


Shamanism in a Changing Russia

The shamans of Tuva in Siberia struggle to save their way of life and dream a new future for their people. This is a news report on how new and old influences come together in an ancient city. Shamans in Tuva a coming together to help their community survive the ups and downs of economics and cultural change in Russia. It’s the roll shamans have played for thousands of years. Bringing communities together and helping them prosper.

The shaman awakens our spirit and calls us to our higher self by storytelling, chanting, painting and praying. It has been like this for over 10,000 years.