Mining Your Mind’s Potential: Brain Balancing and Your Primitive Mind


Relax, balance, and harmonize the hemispheres of your brain with a simple exercise. Brain Balancing will help you focus quickly, and deeply relax.

This “brain balancing workshop” is hands-on and you’ll need a mat to lie on the floor. You’ll have the opportunity to use this energy exercise during class and share it with others.

Many of the benefits of brain balancing are related to those of meditation you feel relaxed yet alert. Your thoughts are clear, and your concentration begins to increase and lengthen as you practice the technique.

Then with three hand positions and the use of a little-sacred geometry, you’ll begin to gently energize your brain and awaken your Primitive Mind to release a tremendous capacity for clear thought and relaxation.

Register by calling Sweetwater Organic Community Farm @ 813-887-4066

Date  Sunday, November 27, 2017
Time  1-3

Your investment:  $10

Register by calling Wings Bookstore St. Petersburg @ (727) 522-6657
Date  Monday, January 23, 2017
Time   7-8:30

Your investment:  $10

Greenbelt History and City Trails

High Rock and the Greenbelt: The Making of New York City’s Largest Park

In 1976, the influential journalist and “National Geographic” editor John G. Mitchell published a book in the hopes of saving a precious part of Staten Island, where he and his family had lived for many years. The book, “High Rock: A Natural and Unnatural History,” helped to save a beloved tract of land a Girl Scout camp known as High Rock from becoming the roadbed for a m…more 


Shamanism in a Changing Russia

The shamans of Tuva in Siberia struggle to save their way of life and dream a new future for their people. This is a news report on how new and old influences come together in an ancient city. Shamans in Tuva a coming together to help their community survive the ups and downs of economics and cultural change in Russia. It’s the roll shamans have played for thousands of years. Bringing communities together and helping them prosper.

The shaman awakens our spirit and calls us to our higher self by storytelling, chanting, painting and praying. It has been like this for over 10,000 years.



Back from Camping

20160902_075240Back from a week in the woods learning and growing in the arms of Mother Nature. All ready for a busy fall teaching schedule. Next week an online drum meditation, a new class at OLLI – Nature as Healer, and a series of classes at Mystikal Scents! Life is good.


Online Drum Meditation
Second Wednesday of the month at 7:15 PM

OLLI – Osher Life Long Learning Institute
Friday, November 4-18
10:15-11:45 AM

Mystikal Scents
Mining Your Mind’s Potential: Brain Balancing
Nature as Healer

May the Great Mystery hold you tight, but not too tight.


Learning from Egret – The Winged Messenger

Egret, Winged Messanger

Egret, Winged Messanger

I talked to the white box with the disembodied voice coming out of it. I told them I needed a coffee, swung around the building, paid for it, went to the next window and grab my cup. When I made that stop I didn’t know it would turn out to be the answer to my morning prayer.

This morning I was asking Spirit, “How do I share my work and my calling with people interested in learning shamanism?” The answer came in the shape of an egret. She flew onto the hood of my car. I was delighted to see this beautiful creature up close and personal in the city.  She began to preen herself using her long yellow beak to pull on her feathers straightening them out, fluffing them, poking at them and in general just making herself ready for the day.

At first, I tried not to move too much but I really wanted a sip of coffee. So I took a chance and slowly took the coffee cup and started to drink. She didn’t seem to mind my movements. I even got a call from a friend and talk to her about the bird. I wondered why she had picked me to stand in front of, to spend some time with.

She stayed with me a long time, long enough for me to take a picture long enough for me to be filled with gratitude at her sharing this intimate moment with me. She even stayed while other cars pulled up on the side slammed doors and released screaming children. It  doesn’t mean that she wasn’t aware of her surroundings. She looked up and around often but seemed to be satisfied that all was well, and continued her grooming.

This exchange didn’t feel ordinary. I dug deeper. What was Spirit saying to me through this winged messenger? How should I share my teachings? I cleared my mind and waited for an answer to rush in and it did. Just like my new egret friend was modeling, relax and be yourself, share who you are in the way that comes naturally. Prepare yourself each day and be ready for the many wonderful opportunities to come.


Nature Speaks: A small leaf turned into a nursery.

2016 07 22 Various 055

I encourage you to take morning walks. It’s a good time to talk to Spirit and ask for guidance. Walk out the door and take a moment to think about what you want for the day. Perhaps come up with a question and allow Spirit to inspire you.

What you see and hear on your walk will depend on your awareness. The thing to look for is context, is this creature that I’ve come across in the morning a nocturnal creature that might not be expected during this time of day? Is this paw print unusual for this area? You’ll have to put your observations together with your intentions and see if you’ve made a spiritual connection. This skill will grow as you exercise this muscle, so give yourself some time.

Usually, I’m interested in having a question answered. So as I walk or sit in nature I ask my question, then wait to see what signs, symbols or omens Spirit sends me. It’s a bit of magic inserted into my life that never gets old.

A small leaf curled up and sealed fell from one of the branches into my lap. I know from experience that it’s an insect nursery. I was startled, and then I noticed how beautiful it was, how complex it was, how interesting it was. And when I put it between my two fingers and began to look at it deeply it dawned on me that my question for the day had been answered.

I was asking about creativity, writing, and nature. This tiny little gift that fell from above was answering my question and Spirit had once again sent me the perfect guidance for the day. Just like the nursery leaf, creativity needs time to develop and when it’s ready, it’ll burst open.

There are times when it’s very clear to me what Spirit is trying to say and other times it might take a few days before I completely understand the answer to my question. It becomes a mini adventure that fills my heart each day.

So give yourself the gift of Spirit’s guidance by visiting nature and learning from her. She is extremely wise and has lots to say, you only need to ask.

How to Get You and Your Child Ready for College: A Shaman’s Prayer

How to Get You and Your Child Ready for College- (1)It’s that time to say good-bye to our children, nieces, and nephews. They’re leaving for college. I wish them a safe and prosperous journey. I pray for their personal vision to become clear to them. I ask the ancestors to protect them as they test the waters of adulthood.

I know that the adventure is challenging. It’s full of new experiences and learning. Those of us that remain are at once heartbroken and excited for you. How do we balance the two? How do we let you go to explore and watch over you at the same time?

We can no longer hold you so tight that you can’t make your own choices. We must loosen our grip. We must learn a new way of holding you. We must grow in a new direction to allow this journey to take place. I offer this healing prayer to help us both accept the new place we stand.

The College-Healing Prayer
For My Niece

Leave these things behind:

I ask that you leave any fear of failure behind.

I ask that you put down any worries that remain in your heart.

I ask that you leave any hesitation here with me.

I tie these fears in a bundle and send them down the river to be healed.

Take these things with you:

I ask that the waters of the world teach you how to move up and over obstacles.

I ask that you remember we’re here to catch you if you should fall.

I ask that you see clearly with your perfect spirit given vision.

I ask that you find goodness in your travels.

This prayer I send in a puff of smoke from my sacred pipe to the Creator’s ears.

Healing a Damaged Heart That Yearns to Be Restored

I worked with a client named Pricilla, a pseudonym, on the loss of her sister. Her sister had died of cancer. When I met Pricilla, she was interested in meeting someone and having a relationship. Her romantic relationships were short-lived. They were difficult, and there were several setbacks. Each time they ended, she felt she did something wrong. She felt she was unworthy. She was in great pain. Her unfinished business with her sister’s death was not allowing her to move on.

We sat together in nature calling to the landscape and listening to spirit. I would ask what she wanted to work on for our next session. Pricilla would talk about wanting a soul mate. Then she would switch to, “How could my sister leave me?” I could feel her anger and pain. Spirit would show me what to share with Pricilla to help see her through this loss. Eventually, after a few sessions, she began to speak about forgiving her sister for leaving her alone and letting her anger go.

We took spiritual journeys, and our sessions were filled with energy shifts as Priscilla visited feelings associated with the death of her sister from a spiritually safe distance. Pricilla also clarified her personal vision for the future. Today, Pricilla reports that she feels much better about her future. She returns to our sessions to take on other challenges at her pace. She also found her soul mate and began a relationship that has lasted two years.

Living fully invested means finding a place of balance between grief and comfort. If you’re spending your emotional, mental, and spiritual energies on a lost relationship, the same way you had done before the relationship changed, then you’re living in pain. A relationship with someone that is no longer available is unfinished business. Finding a way to shift from loss to a place of acceptance, reclaims your personal power. What unfinished business is holding you back from living a joyful life?


Contact me for your personal healing. Use our contact form to schedule a consultation.


Meditation’s Greatest Gift is Personal Freedom

The Meditation’s Greatest Gift is Personal Freedom1 (1)The Buddha was asked, “What have you gained from meditation?” He replied, “Nothing! However,let me tell you what I lost: anger, anxiety, depression, insecurity, fear of old age and death.”

Meditation Opens the Door to Awareness

In the 80s, I began meditating on my living room couch for about 10 minutes each day. Some days, I’d make it for the full 10 minutes. On other days, I’d come out of my meditation early. Several meditation teachers recommend at least 20 minutes of meditation a day, to allow the benefits of meditation to take hold. So, I made myself a promise that I’d work up to meditating for 20 minutes each and every day.

Finding a place and time to sit is part of the challenge we all face when we begin meditation. It helps if you have others in your life who meditate. They can give you ideas and options about when and where to sit. I began on my couch but eventually moved to a cushion. Then much later to a walking meditation that I use every day.

Meditation helps us focus and relax. It also opens the door to awareness. I learned to listen to my inner voice, the Divine, and a peace I feel inside. I became deeply aware of my connection to the creatures and the people around me. Nature became my teacher, the river showed me how to move around and over obstacles, and my bird feeder became a focal point of my day. There I observed the birds and squirrels visiting every day. I noticed their beaks and heard their calls. I cared for them. I witnessed how they treated each other.

Awareness Opens the Door to Choice

It helps to hear the stories of triumph and struggle from fellow mediators. In my case, my teacher talked about one of his student’s. He healed himself of a drinking problem he would never admit to, How he discovered it was unique.

One day, while driving, his student didn’t hear beer bottles clinking in the backseat of the car. It told him he was no longer dependent on beer to get through the day. He had stopped drinking! Meditation can be like that. You practice and practice, and one day you notice you feel better. It’s not always a straight line, it’s individual and personal.

On occasion, I’d miss a day here and there, but for the most part, I was meditating every day. They say meditation is cumulative. They’re right. Here’s where awareness opens the door to choice. After hearing that story, I paid attention to how I felt before and after I meditated. I noticed my own changes. This meant that I had a choice, to keep the new behavior or go back to my old anxious ways.

Choice Opens the Door to Freedom

Once you discover you have a choice you’re no longer trapped in anxiety and despair. You can find your way out of most difficulties. The world opens to you in a helpful way and there are fewer things deemed impossible. Meditation helps shift perspective. When that occurs, things you no longer need fall away. I’m not saying meditation will make everything perfect. I’m saying meditation is one way of finding freedom.

Meditation’s Greatest Gift is Personal Freedom

Meditation opens the door to Awareness
Awareness opens the door to Choice
Choice opens the door to Freedom
~Magda Santos

Part 3 It All Began on Dykman Street-The Nature Walk

Inwood Hill ParkSuspicious Bob

I told a friend, Bob, about these walks and his first remark was, “How did you find this walk?” When a brochure arrived at my home describing a teacher giving a walk in the park I realized he’s a traveler like me. I also deduced that he read the same book I did, titled “The Tracker,” A book I found on the blanket of a street seller.

Bob wasn’t a traveler yet so he didn’t see that this teacher had access to a certain kind of knowledge. Who knew that I’d take this walk each week for the next three years and find a generous teacher, willing to take me to places I’d only glimpsed in my dreams.

My friend Bob never took the walk with me. He did, however, question everything about the walk. He couldn’t understand why I kept going back. He first started to ask me out for coffee just before the walk, sometimes tempting me with street festivals and bookstores. By the second year, he wanted to meet after the walk to hear about the travelers and see my face. He said it had changed.

I once told him that each group of walkers gave me the impression I’d made a prearranged commitment to meet them in this life for those two hours in the park. The ease with which we all moved and talked was very unlike city dwellers, subway riders, and New Yorkers.

During the walks, Vin would lead and I’d take the rear. My legs became strong after a while and my breathing easy as we moved through the landscape week after week. The first few times I huffed and puffed, but soon my stride opened and my comfort increased. Breathing so much oxygen was invigorating. The trees and I began to know each other.

Walking as One
As we continued our walk, the travelers began to exhibit signs of becoming a clan or tribe. They were remembering how to walk quietly on the earth. Perhaps it’s because we were all cement and asphalt walkers walking on soft soil. The harsh pounding created by hitting pavement was gone. Without the noise we could hear each other.

Each person’s experience seemed to relate to what they were asking for and what they wanted out of the walk. Some wanted a brisk walk, others to learn about survival. Still others were open to the spiritual experience before them. Everyone slowly began to feel “something” was different about this walk.

We were all enchanted, taken to a park and put under a spell until the walk was over. Some travelers felt this and recognized it but others felt “something” they couldn’t describe. The universal response was, “I feel relaxed.” It doesn’t matter who was on the walk or whether they felt like I did about the day. What mattered was that we all rendezvoused for one beautiful New York afternoon to share the woods. Many times we hugged, said good bye, and walked back into our lives never to meet again.