Our First Hello

Welcome to A Moment in the Woods Weblog. My name is Magda Santos. For the last twenty three years I have studied and investigated meditations from all over the world.

I began a journey to learn and have fun with walking meditations, drumming meditations, and meditations of all sorts. Then I began to learn about the value of nature as a focus for meditation and began combining my love of meditation with my love of nature.

My love of nature became a clear motivation and it developed into my Monday segment “A Moment in the Woods.” Every week I challenge myself to become aware of the natural world around me and then share it with you. Always asking the sacred question, “What is this teaching me?”

The end result we hope is that you learn to use nature as a form of healing.

Sitting by my beloved river in all kinds of weather, in every season, during the day and at the night, walking the Florida wilderness trails and experiencing nature as meditation and then sharing it with you is what the show offers you.

Walking into the forest can be a sacred act if it is done in a special way. Bringing yourself to higher levels of meditation is just one of the ways to create this connection with the land.

This blog takes my radio show and organizes it into categories to allow you to listen to your favorite shows all in one place. We make sure the categories are related in content and  give you some commentary on the reasons and ideas behind presenting them to you.

The show covers several categories like The Saturday Healing Show, For Kids, and of course A Moment in the Woods.

We invite you to listen, comment, and ask questions here on the blog. On Mondays we open a chat room for about 15 minutes to have a chance to talk to you after the meditation.

Then on occasion we have a special treat for children like an original story call “Carmen’s House.”

Take a moment and listen to our show by clicking on the button on the right side of the page and I hope it soothes you.