Brain Balancing is helpful for anyone that has trouble concentrating,
focusing, and relaxing. 


Relax, balance, and harmonize the hemispheres of your brain with a healing technique recently awakened. Brain Balancing will help you focus quickly, and deeply relax allowing focus and concentration.

Brain balancing is performed by a Niasziih healer on a massage table. The client keeps their clothes on, and the practitioner places their hands on the client’s head in a particular way. The energy work begins to join the two hemispheres of the brain in a way that helps them better communicate with each other.

Then with three hand positions and the use of sacred geometry, you’ll begin to feel a gentle energy that will awaken the third part of your brain called the Primitive Mind.  Here is where the potential to release a tremendous capacity for clear thought and relaxation exists.

Many of the benefits of brain balancing are related to those of meditation you feel relaxed yet alert. Your thoughts are clear, and your concentration begins to increase and lengthen as you practice the technique at home.


Brain Balancing Packages     

$125 $60 $35
Premium Standard Basic
1 hands-on session 1 hands-on session 1 hands-on session
120 minutes 90 minutes 60 minutes
Continuous Distant Brain Balancing for 3 days *CDBB Continuous Distant Brain Balancing for 1 day *CDBB
Personal instruction on how to take this technique home with you.

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Brain Balancing Sessions

During your session, you may experience a calming relaxed feeling, waves of comfort; you may want to sleep or even become more active and full of energy
Brain Balancing healing sessions accelerate and deepen the healing process

Each healing is unique and tailored to your specific needs

When to Schedule a Brain Balancing Session

Overall Healing: Restore your body and mind to a natural state of well-being

Health Issues or Surgery: Help yourself heal after surgery or health issues

Difficult Life Event: Emotional or spiritual trauma


Short Biography 

I am a shamanic healer in the tradition of WildernessFusion, and I am from Florida. I am a certified Qigong master using Chinese energy healing. I have been healing, uplifting and providing clarity for my clients for over 25 years. I have helped thousands worldwide with all kinds of issues and life events. I’m here to support you too. Thank you! Magda


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