Dream Walk: El Camino



I created a dream hikes and walks bucket list on Pinterest. These are walks I’d love to take in different parts of the world. I’m using the words walk and hike interchangeably because some of these treks are more rigorous than others but still require moving forward at a steady pace.


The first walk I’m focused on is El Camino. I’ve seen several movies about pilgrims walking the 497 miles from Saint Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela.


The journey takes about 30 days and rambles through France and Spain. There is the talk of blisters and exhaustion the first few days of the trip. I like the idea of traveling through two of the most interesting countries in Europe while contemplating the religious meaning of the pilgrim. The concept of taking the time to sincerely look at your religious beliefs while learning about your physical limits is a journey not many take-up in their lifetime.


El Camino is not just for religious zealots it’s for anyone wanting to walk the miles, see the landscape, eat the food, and make new friends. A passport of sorts proves you have walked at least 100km or cycle 200km and may receive a certificate or Compostale. There are two kinds one for those who are walking for leisure or cultural reasons, and it’s called the Certificate of Welcome. The other for religious pilgrims is the Compostela.


What a gift to walk in the footsteps of so many that came before you striving to get closer to God or challenging themselves to walk almost 500 miles. Baptized a Catholic, I have a spiritual connection to El Camino. I think my heart would rejoice in the completion of this epic task.

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