Green Heron Mentorship Program

Before taking the Green Heron Mentorship Program


Mentoring provides guidance regarding all aspects of navigating one’s journey to personal healing and healing others. If you’ve ever thought of becoming a healer, we offer a long-established path in the tradition of Niasziih Healing. It deepens the healing power of one’s work and helps grow your understanding of mending the soul. Mentoring is available through our Green Heron Mentorship Program.


This is a 12-month program with monthly face to face meetings, occasional conference calls, and opportunities for hands-on healing practice.

Level 1 – The Healer’s Daily Practice: Builds a strong foundation for the higher levels of spiritual work.

Level 2 – The Healer’s Journey: Concentrates on physically preparing you to take on more power in a safe and loving way.

Level 3 – Advanced Healer’s Journey: Focuses on traveling to a personal place of spiritual power and learning with the help of your guides.

Level 4 – The Healer Moves with Inner Vision: Reveals the language of inner vision and uses it to develop purposeful action.

There are face-to-face meetings once a month and most of our meetings are outdoors in local parks. Our outdoor sessions take place in the Florida fall and winter months. Please join us if you feel called.

The class fee is $50 each month with a minimum of three months or $150.

This year’s mentorship program begins today.

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Magda has been mentoring me for the past year and a half in the healing art of the Niasziih tradition.  This “class” has been not only interesting and informative, but it has also been inspirational.  I have learned so much about what a healer does (and does not do).  I heartedly recommend Magda as a mentor.  She is quiet, calm, peaceful, and her classes are always informative. Mary S. Tampa, FL

After taking the Green Heron Mentorship Program