Healing School-Wilderness Fusion

Karl Dirseke

Karl Direske is the founder of Wilderness Fusion a school that teaches the art of healing.

Here is a little about him.
Karl Direske is a certified Energy Healer and graduated from and taught at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing for nearly 10 years and at Tracker School for more than 15 years. He now teaches healing and self-awareness at his own school Wilderness Fusion. By blending his high-sensory perception skills with his ability to influence energy he assists individuals to hasten their personal process and healing.

Wilderness Fusion
Passionate about his work with students Karl runs Wilderness Fusion to change consciousness and bring people back to a healthy relationship with the Earth. He and his team integrate ancient skills into modern society, promoting a healing lifestyle that not only teaches the how-to but also the why-to. Wilderness Fusion is a community, laboratory, and a repository of Niasziih Healing knowledge.


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  1. I am currently in Karl’s third year series, and I must say, it is wonderful! I have come so far in my own emergence/development/unveiling since joining his class. The environment is one of community and growth, of facing fear, or sharing, of shifting energy, of love and compassion, of facing our own shadow side and shedding light on it. Between my teachers, Karl being one of them, I have come from being extremely depressed and feeling hopeless, to feeling connected, fearless, confident, proactive, and in love with life.

    Thank you Karl for all you have done to help me take many steps in my growth.

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