08 21 2012 - 5 Minute drummingLearn to meditate in 5 minutes. Let the drum connect you to  the beat of your own heart. Let your heart guide you to a  peaceful place of soothing calm. Meditation works if you can focus and I help you focus with the “external heartbeat” of the drum.

Our Drumming Meditation is designed to help you start meditating in just a  few minutes. We give you step by step instructions and encourage you to join the  many people discovering they are more focused, relaxed, and confident when they  invest in meditation. The drum becomes a focal point to help  bring you back to center.

My name is Magda Santos and I created this 5 minute drum meditation to  introduce more and more people to the joys of meditation. With  the beat of a drum and a calculated rhythm, I help you  positively alter your brain patterns and find renewed gusto in  your everyday life.

Meditation is the gateway to clear thinking, a strong heart, and increased  focus. My meditations are dynamic meditations that you may take  with you to the workplace and/or incorporate them into your study routine.

The drum is a tool and symbol used throughout time to bring  us closer to God or the Divine. Listen and let her teach you.

The drum energizes and calms us all at the same time. Studies show that our  minds are at their most active when we meditate!

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Below is a sample of the meditation. Have a listen.


Please remember, don’t listen to these meditations while driving or using heavy machinery.