Daily Renewal

Meditation offers many things like regular renewal and an opportunity to make your life into what you desire it to be. Our beginner’s meditation course helps you on that journey of discovery.

The benefits of meditation are many but here are just a few.

Meditation helps you:
• Decrease stress and anxiety
• Enjoy a peaceful state of mind
• Improve health in general
• Strengthen your immune system
• Increase motivation
• Improve concentration and focus
• Alleviate diseases and illnesses such as migraines, insomnia, asthma, ADHD and much more.

We’ve taken our four individual drum meditations and added additional instructions to create a drum meditation course just for you. I say “just for you” because when I broadcast live I perform drum meditations and they are picked up and enjoyed by thousands of listeners, over 3,000 people to date. My listeners give me lots of feedback on what they want and expect.

There are different aspects of meditation. The first concept we tackle in our course is posture, a  workable pose to sit in and relax so that meditation comes naturally and with greater ease. Once that comfort zone appears, the rest of the meditation course can take shape. Other principles addressed are helping you to clear your mind and focus so that a relaxed state of mind with clear thoughts reveal themselves. There is much more to meditation, but for now, I hope this brief explanation adds to your knowledge and interest.

The Huffington Post weighs in on meditation.

“For one thing, it changes our brain. The cells and neurons in the brain are constantly making new connections and disrupting old ones based on response to stimuli, a quality that researchers call experience-based neuroplasticity. This affects the neural circuits of the brain, which in turn affects how we respond to situations. It also affects the actual structure of our brains — thickening some areas and making others less dense.” Huffington Post

This course will take you from a 5-minute meditation to a 20-minute meditation, at your own pace. The reason behind this is that 20 minutes is an optimal period to meditate. I want to make sure you have the opportunity to grow in your practice and renew yourself each day. Take your time and enjoy the journey.

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