Mining Your Mind’s Potential: Brain Balancing and Your Primitive Mind


Relax and balance, connect and harmonize the hemispheres of your brain. You’ll be able to focus easier, deeply relax, and enjoy.

Many of the benefits of brain balancing are related to those of meditation. For example, you feel relaxed yet alert. Your thoughts are clear, and your concentration begins to increase and lengthen.

You’ll have the opportunity to use this exercise, which requires you to lay on a mat, floor, or bed. Then with three hand positions and the use of sacred geometry, you’ll begin to connect your brain releasing a tremendous capacity for clear thought and relaxation.

Register by calling Sweetwater Organic Community Farm @ 813-887-4066

Date  Sunday, November 27, 2017
Time  1-3

Your investment:  $10

Register by calling Wings Bookstore St. Petersburg @ (727) 522-6657
Date  Monday, January 23, 2017
Time   7-8:30

Your investment:  $10

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