Are you experiencing the complicated feelings of loss like sleepless nights and run-a-way emotions? Have you been able to address this yet? Have you tried lots of things but nothing works?

Niasziih Energy Healing helps get you through these emotional and spiritual barriers that are disrupting your sleep at night, your focus during the day, and causing you to suffer.

“Healing Lite”
Ideal for one single  concern
Four sessions of varying lengths, from1.5 hours initially to 50 minutes

Follow-up Program
Two guided meditations
4  Email Communications per week to support your growth
4 weeks of Continuous Distance Energy Healing

These four monthly sessions focus on the specific needs you describe, and you want to explore.  In your first two sessions, I invite you to link to your present life challenges.  Then with guidance, we’ll identify your needs and explore solutions. The journey is then set to bring you to a new perspective and shift from pain to healing.

Our sessions are a combination of discussions, hands-on healing and four weeks of distance energy healing. A connection is made for you that will offer you a safe place to shift, balance and heal.

Your Investment:              $598.

If travel to your location is required travel expenses are additional.

“Sustainable Light”
This process offers opportunities for life-changing results.

Eight sessions of varying lengths, from1.5 hours initially to 50 minutes

Follow-up Program
Four guided meditations
Unlimited Email Communications
8 weeks of Continuous Distant Energy Healing

Delving into the well of grief requires courage, guidance, and purpose. In your monthly sessions, we’ll explore the root causes of your concerns. We’ll look into those layers that make up your challenges and together reach beyond them for the cause of your pain. Our discussions, hands-on healings, and eigh weeks of distance energy healing will help you arrive at your desired results.

Your Investment:              $1,198

If travel to your location is required travel, expenses are additional.


Magda Santos has trained for the last 25 years with Vin DiTizio of Spirit of the Forest, The Tracker School, Tom Brown Jr., and with Karl Dirseke of Wilderness Fusion in healing practices, awareness, and the role that nature plays in healing. Also, she is a graduate of Columbia University and Coach University.

Magda brings inspiration and guidance to help you uncover your grief’s message and bring you back to balance. “I do this work because through wilderness healing; my heart opened and my life was given back to me after several personal losses. Now I want to share the knowledge and wisdom of Niasziih Healing and The Spirit of the Forest with you.” My nature walks, healing sessions and classes are available through organizations like Osher Life Long Learning, Wings Book Store, and Florida Tracker Club.