Magda Santos M.A., C.T.P., is a practitioner of Niasziih (pronounced Nia-Z-I), a holistic nature based body, mind, and spirit healing modality.  

Niasziih roughly translates as “vessel of healing” and combines the concepts of “oneness” and “fusion of flesh and spirit”.

Niaziih brings balance and awareness to patterns and belief structures that keep us from living life to it’s fullest in peace, love, joy and purpose. It’s a philosophy of choice and helps to heal the wounds that affect our body, mind, and spirit while mining them for their potential gifts. 

Niaszhiih has been recently named as an art form, way of life and healing practice by the elder, scout, shaman and holy man, Stalking Wolf, who passed along his knowledge of the Lipin Apache lineage to other healers.  

This healing can be done outdoors on the landscape or indoors on a massage table. The healing looks very similar to hands-on Reiki or Qi Gong.

4 years of training is required to be a practitioner of Niasziih.

For more information on Niasziih please click on the link below.



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