Distance Healing

How does distance healing work?

• I was born with a natural psychic and intuitive nature that I use to identify and tune into your energy. It’s as effective as a face to face consultation. A session is not affected by your location.

• An open line of communication which allows me to see, feel and understand how your energy is performing reveals itself to me. Information comes to me pointing the way to where blockages reside. I then with the help of Spirit remove them.

• Intuitively, I communicate with your soul directly. My intuition allows me access to the wounds held in your subconscious. Once accessed, the healing process begins.

• I have completed years of formal training with shamans to enhance my natural intuitive ability and to change my perceptual state of consciousness. I don’t need to take any substances to do this. I am in full control at all times, and I am fully present. I can speak with you during the entire process.

• During the process, your body remains protected. It will only communicate to me what is appropriate at the time. I only work on areas that your Higher Self guides me to heal.

• The energy that informs your physical body is the power that leads me to your healing. Heal the energetic body and healing of the physical body will follow.



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