Healing the Shadow

Healing the Shadow:

special offer for those needing balance in their lives. 

Niaziih brings balance and awareness to patterns and belief structures that keep you from living life in peace, love, joy, and purpose.

It’s a philosophy of choice that helps to heal the wounds that affect your body, mind, and spirit while mining them for their potential gifts. 

Magda shares Niasziih Healing on the phone and via Skype. These are one-on-one hour long sessions. Healing the Shadow is challenging work, but the rewards are great. The act of looking into your heart and getting to know yourself better opens doors to profound gifts.

“Magda Santos is a rare gem a shaman, yes, but so much more than that.  Magda’s training is only part of the mastery she brings to her clients.  She brings energy, intuition, kindness, compassion, and sensitivity to her work.” Tampa, FL


Magda Santos has trained for the last 25 years with Vin DiTizio of Spirit of the Forest, Tom Brown Jr. of The Tracker School, and Karl Dirseke of Wilderness Fusion in healing practices, awareness, and the role of nature in healing. Magda is a graduate of Columbia University and Coach University.


Magda brings inspiration and guidance to help you uncover your spirit’s message and bring you back to balance. “I do this work because through wilderness healing; my heart opened and my life was given back to me after several personal losses. Now I want to share the knowledge and wisdom of Niasziih Healing and The Spirit of the Forest with you.”


Skype and phone sessions are $75 an hour. Please call for an appointment. Sessions are recorded and an MP3 emailed to you after the session.


Email or call for an appointment