Niasziih Energy Healing

Niasziih Healing is spiritual. It affects change at the deepest levels of self. It can access the unconscious, energetic, and soul levels. It allows for healing of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual imbalances.We know how to work with cancer, autoimmune disorders, and heart diseases. We work with the internal, identity, and external, moving toward dancing with mystery.  Niasziih is a philosophy of choice offering healing that will only fit your circumstances and life. Long held feelings of grief and pain that affect the body and mind may be shifted. In these sessions, I work on your behalf, bringing your intention into the work as I open to spiritual guidance. Fee per session pay via PayPal.

Walk with a Healer

“Nature as Healer” is a four-part nature walk filled with relaxation, connection, and ease. We talk about Stalking Wolf an Apache elder in the context of nature philosophy, conservation spirituality, and practical survival skills. Staying connected to the earth brings many healing benefits that participants will enjoy. More


Mentoring 1: Beginning the Healers Journey        $200
Mentoring 2: The Healer’s Daily Practice             $400
Mentoring 3: Advanced Healer’s Journey             $600
Mentoring 4: Using Inner Vision as a Guide         $1000

All Mentoring sections are made up of four classes that meet once a month. Payment via PayPal.

Ongoing Mentorship
Mentoring is valuable for anyone looking to live a vibrant, authentic life. A mentor may assist you in finding the areas where you need support and help you achieve your goals. If you are a practicing healer, mentoring offers guidance regarding any and all aspects of navigating one’s journey while guiding and healing others. It also deepens the healing power of one’s work. Conference calls are the vehicle used to conduct ongoing mentorship. Fee $350 per month, three-month minimum make a payment via PayPal.

Distance Healing

Shamanic work and healing are possible at a distance. I don’t use my physical eyes, ears or touch to tune in. My natural sensitivities and 30 years of training have refined my abilities to see on a spiritual level. When I tune into your energy, I see what your luminous body looks like as well as hearing what it has to say from an energetic intelligence perspective. My sensitivity means that I can pick up your energy whether you’re in the same room with me or a world away. More

Space Clearing and Blessing

In the physical world, we are surrounded by energies of all sorts all the time. Often we are bombarded with diverse energy, especially where old buildings are concerned and have been lived in by many different people. These forces are present even when not visible to the eye. More


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