Nature Walks

Intentionally heal yourself of heart disease, diabetes, grief, and loss by slowing down, and increasing your connection to the wilderness. 

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On this four-part walk, “Nature as Teacher,” we’ll help you:

  • Participate in a walking meditation to prepare you for a deeper connection to nature.
  • Explore nature by using hands-on experiences that include survival skills.
  • Listen to the birds, feel the breeze, and commune with nature.

Our second walk, “Nature as Healer,” is more about connecting to the earth and brings the many healing benefits she offers into your everyday life. These four sessions are part two of the outdoor adventure you have chosen for yourself. The first walk is an introduction to your connection to wilderness. The next four sessions bring you closer to forest therapy at it’s best.

  • Take in the sunlight, vitamin D3, increase oxygen intake by 50%.
  • Learn several self-healing techniques.
  • Feel your body reset, change your body’s rhythm.

We work with groups and organizations who wish to sponsor private nature walks for healing or team building. There’s a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 participants in small groups at a time. Fee $120 per person for eight sessions.

If you’ve attended one of our walks and you enjoyed it, please refer us to your family, friends, business, civic groups, or churches. Your referral is the highest compliment you may give us.



“A beautiful bouquet of insight.”

“I thought I was good at appreciating nature until this class.”

“Holiday stress takes us away from our ‘center’, our connection to our Divine. I’ve spent a beautiful morning with Magda Santos walking on a nature path. I connected to my NOW! Peaceful and serene is the goal we should all attain, especially in these times of holiday stress! Sit back and enjoy just being! Even for a brief moment! You’ll enjoy the holidays sooooooo much more!
Happiest holidays to all and to all a good walk!”


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