Space Clearing and Blessing

“Uncertain times, it seems, call for unorthodox housekeeping – or ‘that extra advantage,’ as Desiree Gruber, a founder of ‘Project Runway,’ put it.” The New York Times, June 6, 2013, Cleaning More Than Cobwebs

In the physical world, you are surrounded by energies all the time. These diverse energies, especially when buildings are old and have a history. They collect and sometimes interfere with your daily life. These forces are present even when not visible to the naked eye.

When these energies are positive, they significantly benefit and enhance your life. If these energies are negative, however, they can lower your vibration, create uncomfortable and irritable feelings, inhibit your spiritual growth, cause discord among those living or working in the environment, and in extreme cases, can cause illness or other physical harm.

Many realtors use this Space Clearing and Blessing service, as properties usually sell very quickly following a Space Clearing. Even difficult properties that were on the market for many years may sell within days!

The more you heal yourself, the most important it becomes to heal your personal environment as well and ensure that it is a high and clear vibration.


Space Clearing provides a service to all those in the immediate area, creating a source of positive energy for you, your family. Once the negative energy is cleared, we channel tremendous amounts of positive, high-vibration energy into your space, and that blesses your home.

“Jeff Sharlet, who has written extensively about faith and religion in this country (his last book, “Sweet Heaven When I Die: Faith, Faithlessness and the Country In Between,” came out in 2011), would argue that woo-woo ablutions are no longer merely a coastal practice. ‘It’s in many ways a small-town Midwestern phenomenon, a red-state phenomenon as much as a blue one.’ The New York Times, June 6, 2013, Cleaning More Than Cobwebs

The effects of a Space Clearing and Blessing are profound.

Once a Space Clearing is complete:

~The energy in your home or office or other locations shifts significantly and the vibration raises.

~Your home or office feels calmer, more comfortable, and more joyful.

~Those living or working within the space are often more compatible, calmer, happier and more productive.

~The area is blessed and infused with tremendous amounts of positive energy.

~A strong protective energy is placed around the area.

~If the home is being cleared and blessed in preparation for sale, the property will likely sell very quickly after the clearing.

What’s the Cost of an Energy Clearing Session?

Up to 3000 sq ft: $385*
Over 3000 sq ft: Begins at $785*

*This includes a 25 miles radius of Tampa, Florida. Travel time above 25 miles is additional. Please contact me to discuss the specifics for your case.

**Retainers are available for commercial and residential realtors.




“Lightness and joy are what you get from Magda clearing and blessing your home!” Parker T. Clearwater, FL

“We tried to sell a property I inherited and were having difficulty attracting buyers. We flew Magda into Tennessee and asked her to clear and bless the house and property. Magda cleared the house and barn. The house sold in just a few weeks for more than the asking price.” Greg F. Memphis, Tennesse

“Our family sensed an imbalance in our home. We needed help. Magda enveloped us in love and light as she cleared our space with unparalleled reverence. After the clearing and blessing, there was a lightness to our home, and things began to move smoothly again. ” Cindy F. Brandon, FL.

“Magda Santos is a rare gem a shaman, yes, but so much more than that.  Magda’s training is only part of the mastery she brings to her clients.  She brings energy, intuition, kindness, compassion, and sensitivity to her work.  Recently she performed a home clearing for us.  Meticulously and thoroughly she cleared out the negative charges left from much emotional suffering.  The next day we could feel the difference;  it was palpable.  Since then we report many positive changes in our lives that we know were assisted by Magda’s steady hand and loving heart.”  Tampa, FL