Drum Meditation Online

Meditation Drum

Meditation Drum

Drumming is a wonderful way to hear the heartbeat of the earth and synchronize it to your own. It’s a way to touch oneness. The results are magical. The beat of a drum can clear a space of dead air and energize it with new feelings of safety and warmth. We use the drum to help cleanse our inner space and rejuvenate ourselves.

We drum to learn how to strengthen our vision. We also drum together to develop a support system and community. Join us on the Second Wednesday of the month (May-August) at 9:15 pm for healing and community.

Our conference call-in number is 1(401) 283-6412 or Uber Conference if you’re using your computer. Recommended donation is $5 donate here. Talk to you soon.


Taos hand drum

Taos hand drum

Stretching skin over a frame is how you making a drum. It’s how it’s born. Add intention and prayer, and you have a tool to create change in your life and community.


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