What to Take on a Nature Walk


New experiences and old memories of beautiful flowers and pine scents make nature walks magical. It’s of course not that way for some, bad experiences like the one shared with me involving M&Ms and raccoon tent invasions do leave unsuspecting people wondering if it’s worth it.

I say, leave the tent behind until you feel more confident and can take on shelter building. Let your feet do the walking through the woods and paths filled with wonder and delight. It’s a way to belong. A way to find solace and feel accepted after all nature doesn’t care what your hair looks like or how much your jeans cost. It’s too busy taking care of business. It’s too busy being nature.

My suggestion is to forget all expectations and become a part of your green space, or whatever color is appropriate for your surroundings, now’s your time to reach out to the flowering plants, towering trees, or animals that call you home.

Here are few tips to keep in mind:

  • Don’t take people who don’t like nature on a nature walk it’s a distraction
  • Wear comfortable shoes, sneakers, or hiking boots that are broken in
  • Check the seam on your shorts or pants if it’s rubbing you between your legs take them off and put on something else
  • Grab a map of the park, GPS may not work in some areas
  • Pick the right season one with fewer mosquitoes and some cool breezes

If you need more help find a nature/walking club, park ranger, sports store, or an app.

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