A primitive camping eco-adventure in Belize.

Three hours from Tampa International and two hours from Miami International.

Three hours from Tampa International and two hours from Miami International.

Airbnb Comfortable and Ecological Camping

Tubing and caving are one of the relaxing and exciting adventures we will go one.

Tubing and caving are one of the relaxing and exciting adventures we will go on.

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We travel close to the land and those who live on it. Our tours are for travelers interested in knowing the Belize people and how they live day to day. We travel with certified guides and find accommodations in local villages to support and help stimulate the local economy. 

We go on these trips to developing a stronger connection to the earth. All the great sages return to the woods, mountains, plains, rivers when they need to replenish themselves. They immerse themselves in the wild world to remember their place of origin, how they fit into the oneness of creation and regain their strength. We return to the jungle to do the same.

Belize an Overview

Formally, British Honduras the name was officially changed in 1973. Belize’s official language is English.

Slightly larger than Massachusetts, Belize is about 22,963 km or 8,866 miles, and its capital is Belmopan. Belize borders the Caribbean Sea along the eastern shore of Central America just below the Yucatán Peninsula. On the North and West is Mexico and on the South and West Guatemala. The Caribbean Sea to the east with its turquoise waters and its colorful coral formations are one of the highlights of Belize’s coast on the West. Coral islands called Cayes, covered with stands of mango trees dot the coast. They protect the jungle coastline and offer visitors a unique opportunity to commune with the marine life.

 “World class attractions include exploring the lush jungles with exotic plants and animals, swimming, snorkeling and diving in the Caribbean sea with its beautiful reefs, and visiting the Mayan ruins. Income levels are still low, and the infrastructure is minimal in some places. The Belizeans are very proud and friendly to visitors, and the tourist industry grew considerably in the last decade.” Wikitravel

North of Belize lies the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico and the Rio Hondo. The Rio Hondo is the border between the two countries. Belize is divided by the eastward flowing Belize River, which is a major transportation route for essential goods. The northern half of the country is made up of synclinal folds of low-lying, parallel limestone ridges. The jungle-covered ridges are the spine of fossil coral reefs.

Jungle road

Southern Belize has many large plantations that grow citrus. Citrus is a famous export for the Belize government. The Mayan mountains are found here. This area is virtually unexplored and covered by jungle and a canopy of tropical rain clouds. Here we found granite and metamorphosed sandstone, which can sustain stands of pine in the acidic soil. The Victoria Peak, which reaches 3680 feet dwarfs the main divide, which averages about 1000 feet is also located in Southern Belize.

In southern Belize, we also find the area known as the “Maya Heartland,” which contains the famous Maya center of Tikal as well as many minor ceremonial centers and hundreds of occupation sites. The lagoons along the Nuevo River and Freshwater Creek are also areas of Maya site concentration. Great mangrove swamps line the northern coast, extend inland for many miles, and cover much of the northern district, giving the eco-tourist an opportunity to become steeped in the culture of the people of Belize.

The higher elevation, 1500 to 2700 feet provides spectacular falls for the many streams that lace the land. The plateaus northern edge is a broken limestone escarpment descending steeply to the Sibun River Valley, an area dotted with many unexplored caves.

Belize sign

We have been taking people into the jungle and caves of Belize for over ten years. We take pride in teaching how to become closer to the earth and live with her in harmony. We work very hard to make sure that we are respectful of the resources we use and hope to bring to you a memorable experience that you may take back home and share with your families. Because of Belize’s biodiversity and vast wilderness areas, you will have a unique opportunity to experience a jungle adventure and the coastal experience exclusive to this part of the world. We look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Our next eco-tour to Belize leaves in March 2021: if you’re interested in traveling with us to Belize and experiencing the ecology and culture of the Belize people feel free to contact us via Airbnb Comfortable and Ecological Camping.


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