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Niasziih Healer and Carver Adam — 2 Comments

  1. I really enjoyed this podcast and listening to, as well as learning more, about Adam. I have witnessed first hand the tremendous depths that he can, and is willing to, go to, not only with his clients but also within himself. He exudes trust, compassion and purity. Such important words, “every thing is connected”; I am continually amazed as I discover this over and over again. His description of how he worked with/helped a client and the results of their work spoke to me. As I have continued my journey, which has included many experiences with Niasziih healing and healers continues to take me to depths I would never have imagined before. At this point in my life I am experiencing immense gratitude for every tiny and big parts of my life. I feel true joy and find amazement in just about everything I do. I am finding the balance I need for being at one with all that I encounter; whether it be pain, angry, sadness on up to amazing electrified sensations all around and through me.

    Thank you Magda for this podcast. I hope you know that I consider my experiences of healing with you have helped me to get to those depths and I am eternally grateful.

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